Los Adobes de Maria

Address: 1026 W. Boone Street, Santa Maria, CA 93458

Phone: (805) 349-9341

Email: ladm@pshhc.org

Housing for Farmworkers

Completed in 1995, Los Adobes de Maria, Santa Maria, California, is a complex of 65 affordable 2-story townhouses rented exclusively to families earning a substantial portion of their income from agricultural employment. This project was created with the assistance of a broad base of support, including USDA Rural Economic and Community Development, HUD, City of Santa Maria, Santa Barbara County, & the State Department of Housing and Community Development.

The townhouses range from two to five bedrooms to accommodate a wide range of family sizes. Los Adobes de Maria also features the Cesar Chavez Community Building and a specially-designed child care facility in which the Santa Barbara Community Action Commission operates a Head Start program.