Who is People’s Self-Help Housing?

Our Mission: We build affordable homes with site-based services that offer opportunities to change lives and strengthen communities on the Central Coast of California.

Founded in 1970, People’s Self-Help Housing is the longest-serving nonprofit housing organization on California’s Central Coast, serving over 10,000 residents in four counties.



From apartments to townhomes, studios to houses, we build affordable housing for families, seniors, veterans, those living with disabilities, and those transitioning out of homeless. In addition to our rentals, since 1970, we have been championing homeownership opportunities through the self-build model. Over 1,200 homes later, we continue to help households build a firm foundation for their futures.



Leading to better health outcomes, career opportunities, and higher educational achievement, the benefits of supportive housing are far-reaching and long-lasting. Residents are linked to a network of resources, designed to promote wellness and connection. Through dozens of partnerships, we provide residents with enrichment and support to ensure that everyone has the tools needed to succeed.



At our ten site-based learning centers, PSHH offers after school and college prep programming to support students and create pathways for career advancement for adult learners. Every day our vibrant classrooms are filled with students of all ages who have eagerly embraced a culture of learning and are working towards their future goals.



You can find a PSHH community in every county on the Central Coast. We currently own and manage over 2,000 rental units, providing welcoming environments for more than 5,000 residents whose well-being and success drive our mission. Our properties are located in rural, urban, and coastal areas, each neighborhood being as different and diverse as their host communities.


At PSHH we build so much more than housing.

We build resilient neighborhoods, places residents are proud to call home.