Resident Internet

People’s Self-Help Housing provides basic Internet service at no cost to residents across most of our portfolio. While the PSHH IT department sets up a few of these sites, most were designed and installed by our collaborative partner Innovative IT.

For onsite Resident Internet support:

• Wired: contact your Property Manager
• Wireless/Wi-Fi: Call Innovative IT at (888) 610-0010

Resident Internet is free of charge for PSHH residents.

Costs incurred by the property include a faster Internet connection (to balance out the increased traffic) as well as a monthly technical support fee (to assist residents in getting connected).

Innovative IT provides technical support at no cost to PSHH residents at the following number: (888) 610-0010. Residents can also call this number to get the Wi-Fi password.

Note that the tech support is primarily a callback service, so residents who call need to leave their full name and telephone number on the answering machine to get help.

About the same speed as a DSL connection. It is delivered with a coaxial cable via Charter, Comcast, or Cox to a utility closet and then split from there and run to each unit via phone line or Ethernet or wireless router.

Residents may be able to stream satisfactorily, but should test the connection before canceling their personal Internet service.

Below is the list of properties with Resident Internet at this time. Unless otherwise indicated, the system is supported by Innovative IT.

  • Atascadero Gardens (wireless)
  • Belridge Street Apartments (wireless)
  • Canyon Creek (wired)
  • Casas de las Flores (wireless)*
  • Casas las Granadas (wired)
  • Cawelti Court (wired)
  • Chapel Court (wireless)
  • College Park (wired)
  • Courtland Street Apartments (wired)
  • Creekside Gardens (wired)
  • Creston Gardens (wireless)
  • Dahlia Court I (wireless)
  • Dahlia Court II (wireless)
  • El Patio Hotel (wired)
  • Guadalupe Court (wired)
  • Heath House (wireless)
  • Isla Vista (wireless)
  • Juniper Street Apartments (wired)
  • La Brisa Marina (wireless)
  • Lachen Tara (wired)
  • Ladera Street Apartments (wireless)
  • Los Adobes de Maria 1 (wireless)
  • Los Adobes de Maria 2 (wireless)
  • Los Adobes de Maria 3 (wired)
  • Los Robles Terrace (wired)
  • Mariposa Townhomes (wireless)
  • Ocean View Manor (wireless)
  • Oceanside Gardens (wired)
  • Pacific View Apartments (wired)
  • Pismo Creek Bungalows (wired)*
  • River View Townhomes (wired)
  • Rolling Hills Apartments (wireless)
  • Schoolhouse Lane Apartments (wired)
  • Sea Breeze Apartments (wireless)
  • Sierra Madre Cottages (wired)
  • South Bay Apartments (wireless)
  • Storke Ranch (wireless)
  • Templeton Place Apartments (wired)
  • Valentine Court I (wireless)
  • Valentine Court II (wireless)
  • Valentine Court III (wireless)
  • Victoria Hotel (wired)
  • Victoria Street Bungalows (wireless)
  • Villa la Esperanza (wireless)
  • Villas at Higuera (wired)

* Network supported by People’s Self-Help Housing, not a 3rd party vendor. No resident support.

Most installations rely on wired connectivity for its reliability and because the infrastructure is already in place. Where wired connections are not an option due to the way the property was built or state requirements for a new build or rehab, a wireless deployment may be utilized.

Yes! Where Resident Internet is run to the unit via phone or Ethernet, residents can connect a wireless router to the provided modem. This will create their own private wireless network.

Note that residents who opt for this would have to purchase their own router at their expense and no support is provided for personal wireless routers.