What Home Means To Me

As we have spent this time apart, and have experienced the importance of home, we have asked the question “what does ‘home’ mean to you?” Get involved in  “Building Together” in any way you feel inspired by: Creating a House, Honoring a House, or Sharing a House!

Take a photo of your project, write a few words of ‘What Home Means to You’ and send to All gifts support of a PSHH resident currently facing a medical, food, or utility emergency. #WhatHomeMeansToMe and #PSHHBuildingTogether.


#180 | Rebecca & Patty, Santa Barbara
Photo of sunset, hands in heart shape, and moon, video of dancing

Home is what unites US!

#179 | Skeeter & Tiny, Morro Bay, CA
Driftwood, seaweed, sand

Home means never being far from the beach.

#178 | Ana Maria, Isla Vista,  CA
Frames, family photos

Home to me means a place full of joy and a place full memories. Home my sweet place for rest.

#177 | Genesis, Guadalupe, CA
Paper, pens

Home means love, family, movies.

#176 | Adriana, Guadalupe, CA
Paper, pen, pencils

When I think of home, I think of family and friends and protection from COVID-19.

#175 | Citalli, Guadalupe, CA

#174 | Daniel y Dario, Guadalupe, CA

#173 | Fernanda & Victoria, Paso Robles, CA
Carboard, rocks, toothpicks, paint

Our home is somewhere safe for us to live in. Our family likes to relax and spend time together here. We enjoy doing fun things like watching out favorite movies.

#172 | Areli, Paso Robles, CA
Styrofoam, paint, toy furniture

Home means a place for my family to be safe and happy.

#171 | Roberto, Paso Robles, CA
Family photos, snack foods

Home means a lot to me. Family is the most important thing that matters to me.

#170 | Alex, Paso Robles, CA
Paper, colored pencils

Home to me means a place full of happiness and full of joy, and a place where I feel safe. Also, to me home means loving each other and hugging your family, it’s what brings happiness.

#169 | Donaji & Angeles, Carpinteria, CA
Photographs, momentos, dolls, puzzle pieces, flowers

Home to me is a sacred place where my daughter and me come together, to talk to love and support each other through this difficult time. Thank God for my place to live.

#168 | Aurora, Orcutt/Oceano, CA
Photographs of a sunset and a cat

What my home means to me is the calm I feel when I play with Tauri my cat and lookout into the beautiful sunsets.

#167 | Jeff & Becky, San Miguel, CA
Cardboard, floor tiles, foil, and misc craft materials

The kitchen is the heart of our home. It’s a place to gather, share a meal, laugh and cry together, feel comfort and warmth, and to love each other both family and friends.

#166 | Monica, San Luis Obispo, CA
Mosaic, cinder block, sea shells

Home, built on a strong foundation of love.

#165 | Oscar
Pencil, Pens, Paper

#164 | Danita, Santa Maria, CA
Flowers, butterfly

Wherever I am, wherever I roam, with family and friends I’m always home.

#163 | Familia Pérez, Goleta, CA
Cardboard, plants

A home is where I can be with my family and share our dreams for the future and support each other. Un hogar es donde estas con tu familia compartiendo juntos, donde nos apoyamos y planeamos nuestros sueños para el futuro.

#162 | Isabel, Goleta, CA
Toys, cardboard, paint, flowers

This house has a meaning for us because is our dream house and that’s where my family is going to live. We don’t have a house but we are grateful with god because we had a opportunity to have a better apartment.

#161 | Amber, Paso Robles, CA
Paper, pencil

My home means love and protection.

#160 | Morgan, Paso Robles, CA
Colorful candies

Home is where the heart is, and where everybody is happy. I feel safe at home and love being home with my mommy!

#159 | Esmeralda, Paso Robles, CA
Cardboard, paint, plants, sponges

Home is where I am safe and a place to live with my loving family.

#158 | Leonel, Paso Robles, CA
Colored pencil, paper.

I feel happy in my home. I like playing in my backyard.

#157 | Alan, Paso Robles, CA
Cardboard, glue. paint

Home to me means safety and family being together.

#156 | David, Guadalupe, CA
Paper, markers, colored pencils, photographs, cheerios

I like my home because I spend time with my family.

#155 | Lauren, Oak View, CA
Outdoor play structure, pillows, toys

Home is where we can create together, dream big, and support one another’s ideas. Home is where we can safely rest, and nourish our bodies with delicious food and laughter. Home is our haven.

#154 | Peggy, Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

The gossamer wisps
Of clouds kiss mountain peaks high
Grace of flowers…home

The realm of nature is home to me. I feel peaceful, centered, and fully at home when I am out enjoying the beauty of this world.

#153 | Anna, Grover Beach, CA
Flowers, home decor, sanitizing equipment

Home is a lively and colorful gathering place for those that mean the most to you, where you learn to become creative in the way you extend grace to others. It is a place where everyone feels secure, finds rest, can be at peace, and has the opportunity to grow into the best version of themselves in order to share the feeling of home with the rest of the world.

#152 | Rosa, Santa Maria, CA
Peanuts, animal cookies, bread, cherries, flag, pencil drawing

For me, it is not just house that means home. It is where moments start and turn into memories. Everyone should have a home.

#151 | Kathy, Worcester, UK
Paper, plastic straws

Home is where my family and friends are.

#150 | Trish, Cornwall, UK
Felted keychain houses

As lovely as a house may be it’s not the building that makes it a home but the family in it.

#149 | Ashley, Cambria, CA
Photo of children building sandcastles

Home is where my family is. It is where we laugh, love and make memories. It is where we feel our most comfortable and safe.

#148 | Merari, Santa Barbara, CA
Photographs, home decor

Home to me means a place where I feel comfortable to be myself. I paint, I eat, I take naps, I watch tv, relax after a long day of work. While being surrounded by pictures of my loved ones and items that mean the most to me.

#147 | Catherine, San Luis Obispo, CA
Map, hat, flag

Home is where I hang my hat, rest, pray, laugh, eat, connect with family and friends, sing journal and refuel myself with the love of God so I can go out and serve others.

#146 | Lindsay, Los Osos, CA
Cork, stuffed bear

For us, home is where we belong.

#145 | Familia Bautista Lopez, Santa Maria, CA
Assorted fruits and vegetables, marker, colored pencil, paper

Un hogar es tener salud, estar unidos, comunicarnos y compartir todo con la familia en la mesa. La importancia de un hogar es convivir en todo momento.

#144 | Tess, Tuebingen, Germany
Petri dishes, pipettes, beakers, beetle

Home is where “cultures” grow.

#143 | Rosemary, Santa Monica, CA

My home is surrounded by green spaces. Parks for recreation and trees to filter the air. The neighborhood is multicultural: churches, temples, Mariachi’s, & ethnic food spice up and flavor it. I grow organic tomatoes, vegetables & herbs. I love the feel of the fresh earth I have composted and the vegies I have cared for and harvested. Working in the garden reminds me of my hard working family who never complained after a days labor at railroad or garment factory. Their home and mine is a safe spot of repose and a haven for the family.

#142 | Terry, Simi Valley, CA
Photos of home decor and family photographs

Home to me means comfort, security and love.  Home is where you build your foundation and surround yourself with things that make you feel loved. Where you can sit, take a deep breathe and say “I am home”.

#141 | Ali, Goleta, CA
Cardboard, paint, stickers

El hogar es muy feliz con su hermano y con sus papas por que con lo que esta pasando estamos todos unidos.

#140 | Diana, Paso Robles, CA
Photos of home

During this stressful time of pandemic, now more than ever it is important to have serene and peaceful surroundings. This, to me, is the physical and emotional importance of home. You ask what home means to me. It means a little tiny area to plant pretty gardens, to feed the hummingbirds and watch the sparrows and blue jays vie for seed out my living room window.  It means being allowed to paint an accent wall (with permission of course) in order to enhance my surroundings and express my creativity as I once did during my younger years while both being a homeowner and renter.

#139 | Cynthia & Steve, Los Angeles, CA
Various computers, tablets, phones.

Home is where you don’t need the WiFi password.

#138 | Elisa, Carpinteria, CA
Pen drawing

My home: compromiso, igiene, ejemplo, onestidad, igualdad, respeto, amor, solaridad, educación

#137 | Georgia, Santa Maria, CA
Photo of flower

Home to me is a place where intentional ideas flourish and random opportunities are nurtured. Just like my garden where flowers I have planted live side by side with the beautiful weeds that just appear.

#136 | Adrian & Daniel, San Luis Obispo, CA
Household items

Home is where I am safe, happy, and loved. Home is family and friendship. I live with my best friend: my project is on the left and his is on the right. My best friend and I share our home with our guinea pig Charlie, who joined in the picture. Home is where we can celebrate and decorate with our favorite things – my love of mermaids, his love of bugs, and our shared love of birds and guinea pigs. Special credit to local artist Tim, who created the wire sculptures of the mermaid and the praying manti.

#135 | Chris, Nipomo, CA
Family photographs, wire sculpture, artwork

Home is family, love of God, and baseball, handcrafts, and creativity.

#134 | Narci, Santa Barbara, CA
Paper, tape, flowers

Me gusta estar en casa! es muy importante hacer actividades con la familia disfrutar y descansar LA VIDA SON MOMENTOS!

#133 | Forrest, Los Osos, CA

Home is where we do our best caretaking, for ourselves and for our loved ones. It is where we can let go of the things that are not a part of our core and nourish the most important parts of our selves, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

#132 | Anna & Jacob, Grover Beach, CA
Flowers, rocks, wood

Home is love and growth.

#131 | Colleen, San Luis Obispo, CA
Photo collage

To me, home is who and what you are surrounded by. We are so fortunate to have caring neighbors and beautiful surroundings.

#130 | Paula, Paso Robles, CA

Home is a place where memories are created and memories remembered of times past.

H- Heart
O- Opportunities
M- Memories
E- Embrace

I chose to honor my Mother and Father in this photo. Mother and Father’s Day is just around the corner, so I thought this would be a wonderful way to honor them. This is how I remembered my home growing up: we had a seasonal garden, did work with the tractor and spent much time outside amongst the birds, rabbits, horses and our dogs. Wonderful memories!

#129 | Regina, Paso Robles, CA
Paper, craft flowers

Home is where Love resides, Memories are created, Family & Friends belong and laughter never ends.

This was how my ancestors and Elders lived, and raised us to know our history! And our culture is still taught to us & our children today!

#128 | Joan, Santa Barbara, CA
Place mat, birdhouse, avocados, flowers

Home is where you have a non traditional dining table with flowers, avocados and oranges from your neighbor’s yards and a little house made by a homeless neighbor. It’s where you can put it all together and think of them and how much they–your family by choice–and real family mean to you.

#127 | Yerin, Quakertown, PA
Paper, marker

Home is a comfortable place where my family can relax and share our happiness. To me, house is the best place ever for me to feel love and peace.

#126 | Shelly, Pismo Beach, CA
Wire figurines, game pieces, flowers, cloth

Home is the family table- we meet for meals, lively conversations, and rowdy games.

#125 | Grace, England, United Kingdom
Pencil drawing

Home is America and England, the place that feels like home. Home to me is a place where you can spend time with family, a place you can snuggle up in a blanket and watch a movie, a place you can have fun or a place you can sunbathe in the garden with privacy. That is home.

#124 | Doug, Morro Bay, CA
Family photograph

Home is where family is. It is where we get together to eat, play games, give hugs, and show how much we care for each other.

#123 | Family Quiahua, King City, CA
Wooden houses, paint, figurines, family photographs

Al tener un hogar propio se está apoyando al patrimonio familiar ya que es un inmueble que puedes heredar a tus hijos para que ellos a su vez comiencen es inciciales y podemos tener amor y fe. Y también tener  una casa propia tienes la libertad de agregarle. Quitarle y modificarle lo que desees sin tener que pedirle permiso a nadien extrerno a tu familia. Podemos hacer lo que quieras desde pintar las pareder y cambiar los pisos hasta construir un piso extra.

#122 | Rick, Arroyo Grande, CA
Family photo

A home to us is spending time together as a family.  We love living on the central coast and taking advantage of all of the wonderful things to do here.  We especially like playing on the beach on such a beautiful warm and sunny day.

#121 | Maria, Paso Robles, CA
Pencil, Sharpie

Home is a sacred place where I feel safe, happy, peaceful and comfortable. A place where family comes together to celebrate love and life.

#120 | John, San Luis Obispo, CA
Diet Dr. Pepper cans and packaging, figurine

Home is where I’m me.. I eat (and drink) as I choose, read books, sleep in, take a nap, entertain friends (and staff), love my family, and do these things as much and as often as I choose to!

#119 | Maria, Santa Barbara, CA
Reed, childhood mementos

Home means a safe and loving environment for my family.  Home is a wonderful place where I can spend quality time with my family, enjoying a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

#118 | Alejandra, Santa Maria, CA
Photograph of Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

El mundo entero es mi hogar.

The world is my home.

#117 | Susy, Guadalupe, CA
Cardboard, markers, paint, glue

What my lil house means to me is to have a home to call it home. You’re safe and if someone is in need, you can welcome them into your home so they can feel the love and safety they don’t have. Home sweet home is to be shared with family and friends.

#116 | Cristina, Santa Maria, CA

Home means a safe, comfortable, loving space that far exceeds a roof and 4 walls. A place that reflects who you are and what you love. Our home is full of passion and has a soul! It is open to family, friends, neighbors & those in need. A home must include a fur baby!

#115 | Tony & Paula, Fernley, NV
Styrofoam, cardboard, scrapbook paper, miniature trees, nesting dolls, figurines, tape and scissors

To us, our home is our family, our friends, our faith and a safe haven for all who enter. A place where memories are shared. Together we are a community, both local and global, who all deserve to be loved, respected and appreciated.

#114 | Ken, Atascadero, CA
Re-purposed scrap siding and roofing materials

Home means having an address that’s unique to us – a place in the world where we can be found.  Built this to cover for our mailbox out of disposed-of siding and materials we saved, that were from a previous rehabilitation project at Atascadero Gardens…a reminder of what we do at Peoples’ – preserve and give new life to homes.  Home also means the place where we celebrate family – and we are celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary here today!

#113 | Esther, Santa Maria, CA
Family photographs

What my home means to me is a place where I feel safe to rest my aging body. A place where I can break bread with my children and grandchildren. A place where there is a door and I alone have the key. Where I can reflect on my life’s journey.

What my home means to me is the love I feel when I am with my baby sister. It is the warm feeling I get when I think of her as a baby and now as a woman.

My home is a place that holds memories of us.

#112 | Sofia, Arroyo Grande, CA
Playhouse construction

I love playing with my toys but really miss playing with my friends and doing activities like camping.

#111 | Oscar, Santa Maria, CA
Original song, photograph of a sunset

Home is a safe place where you can rest and replenish your tired body and soul. A safe place where you and your family and friends can laugh, play… dream, hope and pray. Home is a place of shelter from life’s storm and rain.

#110 | Elizabeth, Santa Barbara, CA
Photographs of home and view from balcony

Home, to me, is a domain of love, with the consciousness of love filling and surrounding it. There is a beautiful crystal inside my living room wall. When I knew Casas was being built, I immediately signed up to apply to live there. Time flies! Now I’ve lived in this beautiful place for 12 years, have wonderful neighbors and many memories of music, laughter, friends, family, parties and more.

#109 | Victoria, San Luis Obispo, CA
Mixed medium 3D sculpture

To me, home is a place where you can customize your surroundings with colors and textures that make you feel comfortable and at peace. It is a place where the people and animals you love congregate, relax, and make memories together.  My tiny house was made entirely from discarded materials I found at home which also speaks to my love of secondhand items and thrifting! The only thing that is missing are my pets and husband.

#108 | Sandra, Morro Bay, CA
Sketch with pencil

A home is a place where a person can feel happy and secure. I like to come home to a place that has color and comfort. I also like to walk into a place that has safe areas like alarms that are necessary to detect smoke and other things. I like a home to have a fireplace if possible. I like a home that has warmth and to it in the decor. I like a home that has modern windows and doors. I like a home that has a view of the mountains. A home means coming back to a place of solace and quiet.

#107 | Jane & Mike, San Luis Obispo, CA
Assorted fruits and vegetables

Our home is welcoming, nurturing, and has a ‘salad’ foundation.

#106 | Shannon, Santa Barbara, CA
Photograph of positive, neighborhood messaging

Home is a safe haven for my family with soft blankets, kindness, and always a safe place to dream of a beautiful future. Home is where I create peace, joy, and beauty to share with family and friends. All together again soon!

#105 | Adriana, San Luis Obispo, CA
Books, family photographs, ukulele, succulents, 2’x3′

To me, home means safety and security, family and togetherness, and the freedom to be your authentic self. Home is a place where there is love, creativity, protection, and memory-making.

#104 | Gillian, Santa Maria, CA
Mixed fabrics with machine embroidery applique, 5″x5″

Home means having a space to think and explore ideas.

#103 | Annette & Peter, San Luis Obispo, CA
Vases, pebbles, sand, palm leaves, place mat, 1’x1’x2′; Corrugated paper, branches, bark chips, 2’x1’x1′

My husband and I tried to create environments we and our families would all feel “home” in, being together as we wait out times like this pandemic, that would instill peace, serenity and a sense of comfort. Given that our families are continents apart it was a conscious choice to create two different “homes” to reflect our diversity and desire to be inclusive.

#102 | Gabrielle, Arroyo Grande, CA
Tongue depressors, cotton swabs, clothes pins, paper, glitter, nail polish, family photographs, 3.5″x2.5″x4″  

Home to me is Minnesota, where I grew up playing in the snow with my family, but home to me is also California, where I currently enjoy the sun and surf with new friends. Home, for me, is not limited to one location. Home to me truly lies within the people that I surround myself with wherever I am, people that support and encourage me in every walk of life.

#101 | Ana, Orcutt, CA
Dresser drawers, book, wall sign, statues

What home means to me: a place of peace and rest shared with the ones you love.