Los Adobes de Maria II

Habla a: 1148 W. Boone Street, Santa María, CA 93458

Teléfono: (805) 348-3823

Correo electrónico: ladm2@pshhc.org

Vivienda para trabajadores agrícolas

Completed in 2004, Los Adobes de Maria II is the second phase of the Los Adobes de Maria trilogy, serving farm worker families. This phase added 52 townhomes to the community. The development has been hailed as a model solution to address the lack of affordable housing for farm workers and their families. Los Adobes de Maria II was hailed for its innovative concept by USDA Rural Development.

The townhomes feature two and three bedroom rentals, a community meeting space with kitchen, health screening and treatment facility, learning center, and a new soccer field and basketball court. These amenities are available and shared by all tenants of phase I, II and III.