Heath House

Physical Address: 18 East Sola Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Mailing Address: 26 E Victoria St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Teléfono: (805) 699-7223

Correo electrónico: hh@pshhc.org

Vivienda para mujeres que han estado sin hogar

Historic Heath House, near downtown Santa Barbara, previously served as a hospice home for AIDS patients. It had fallen into disrepair prior to PSHH purchasing the property in 2020, which led to a great opportunity to restore and extensively rehabilitate the cherished community landmark.

The two-story, 2,500 square-foot Heath House provides seven bedrooms, five-bathrooms, multiple common areas, and a shared kitchen and dining room. Building on the considerable success of its programming at the nearby Victoria Hotel, and in Ventura the historic El Patio Hotel, PSHH additionally offers onsite supportive services to all its residents.