After-School Opportunities

Each school day talented and dedicated educators greet school buses ready to provide support for grades K-8. Our onsite Learning Centers allow students to build and strengthen their literacy, language and math skills just steps from their own homes.

Upon entering our program, many students test several grades below state testing levels. One-on-one tutoring, paired with web-based learning, typically brings students up to or above grade level within one year. If challenges are identified, individual learning plans can be created.

Day Camps & Field Trips

When school is not in session, the love of learning is kept alive through field trips and skill-maintaining day camps. Other opportunities throughout the year include STEM programs, coding and cooking classes, trips to the theatre and museums, outdoor activities and visits to sport events.

Education does not always take place in the classroom. Among other things, students visit natural resources, get behind-the-scenes tour of local industry and enjoy trips to county fairs.