Victoria Hotel

Address: 24 E. Victoria Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Phone: (805) 699-7223


Housing for Single Room Occupants

The City of Santa Barbara approached PSS to purchase this last Single Room Occupancy (SRO) hotel downtown. The majority of tenants were very-low-income seniors, veterans, and formerly-homeless individuals. In 2001, with the assistance of the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara, the City of Santa Barbara Housing Department, and local banks, Victoria Hotel was purchased, renovated, and restored to its original California Mission/Art Deco style.

Before rehabilitation of the two-story building, which has commercial tenants on the ground level, residents were isolated from each other and the outside world. Now, they have been given a second chance at a better quality of life. With an onsite social worker providing counseling, job referrals, and health coordination, tenants with physical and mental health needs receive excellent support services. Tenants now socialize often and engage in conversation during sponsor-provided meals. Tenants feel empowered again to go out into the community and be an active part of it. Improvements include, a new reception area, a community kitchen, dining area, new bathrooms and showers, and a laundry facility.