Frequently Asked Questions

On October 22, Peoples’ Self-Help Housing (PSHH), the Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo (HASLO), and El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO) hosted a public outreach meeting about the proposed Project Homekey in Paso Robles.

We invite you to view the recording and learn more about this exciting, collaborative project.

1:58 Introduction: Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo (HASLO)

9:35 Introduction: El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO)

14:29 Introduction: Peoples’ Self-Help Housing (PSHH)

23:42 “How is Project Homekey like the ECHO facility in Atascadero?”

26:42 “How many rooms will be available?”

27:19 “How much will the project cost?”

28:29 “Are your finished project in SB, VC, and SLO county considered permanent or transient housing?”

29:07 “What is the Point in Time Count?”

30:54 “What is the permanent housing portion of the program?”

33:25 “What is the difference between interim rooms and program rooms?”

35:20 “Will people be able to have their pets with them?”

37:34 “What are the distinct role each organization will play? Who will ultimately be making management decisions?”

42:30 “How did you find out about Project Homekey? When was that?”

46:03 “What will the policy be on alcohol use?”

49:49 “What is the difference between Project Roomkey and ProjectHomekey?”

54:57 “Is there are division between the permanent and temporary housing? Will there be different entrances?”

56:52 “Are there any other examples of “mixed” (permanent and homeless) facilities?”

58:18 “I’ve heard stories about motels being used for human trafficking. How will you know that this will not be going on?”

59:39 “Are the temporary rooms available 24 hours a day? Will homeless people have to leave during the day?”

1:00:25 “There are many stigmas associated with homelessness, drug use is one of them. Can the panel comment?”

1:02:02 “Regarding homelessness in Paso, do you think that police calls will increase or decrease?”

1:07:19 “For the permanent housing, how will people be able to feed themselves? Motel rooms are very small, will there be a community kitchen they can use?”

1:07:57 “What is the occupancy rate at the ECHO shelter in Atascadero? How long do people stay?”

1:09:11 “Can you accommodate families? Can children be onsite? If parents go to work, what will happen to the children?”

1:11:35 “Will this facility only be for Paso Robles residents/locals?”

1:14:05 “What about disabled homeless people – will there be accessible units?”

1:15:46 “How will people know about the project? How can they apply?”

1:18:45 “What about language challenges? Will you have Spanish translators? What about Mixteco?”

1:20:49 “What about noise? Will there be ‘quiet hours’?”

1:22:19 “Many homeless people live in their cars. Will they be allowed to bring them and park on site?”

1:23:39 “People who live on the street often have injuries. Will there be a clinic on the site? What about doctors?”

Hero Image Photo Credit: Motel