February 2006

Contact: Chris Davis/Daniel Cross (805) 687-3322


San Luis Obispo, CA—February 7, 2006

On Wednesday, February 8, 4:30 pm, at the San Luis Obispo offices of Peoples’ Self-Help Housing a lottery drawing will determine the processing number for applicants who will build and own one of eight homes as part of the Montecito Verde III development in Nipomo, San Luis Obispo County.

Fourth District Supervisor Katcho Achadjian, Zulema Rodriquez from the USDA, and Ted Bench, from the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department, will assist in drawing the lottery numbers in which applications will be processed for eight affordable self-help homes. ***Each application received with a postmark date up to and including January 30th will receive a processing number. The applications will then be qualified as they are processed in order of their lottery number (Participating families must meet minimum eligibility requirements including good credit and rental history.)

Peoples’ Self-Help Housing’s Self-Help program was designed for lower-income families to acquire a home at an “affordable cost” and assists families in the construction of their new house while reducing the cost at the same time. Groups work together, under the supervision of Peoples’ Self-Help Housing, to construct one another’s homes and, through this process, build community.

Peoples’ Self Help Housing purchases the land, builds the streets, brings the utilities to the site, packages financing for each qualifying applicant and provides home ownership Training, as well as supervise the construction of the homes. Participating owner-builders lower their house cost by contributing approximately 2,000 hours of construction labor “sweat equity” per family.

This “sweat equity” is used in lieu of a cash down payment. Additionally, this collective effort creates neighborhood ties and an overall sense of pride through the direct construction involvement of its future residents. Using the “Mutual Self-Help” concept families work most weekends for about 1 year to complete their homes.

Montecito Verde is anticipated to be completed in June, 2007.

Who: Peoples’ Self-Help Housing staff, Fourth District Supervisor Katcho Achadjian, Zulema Rodriquez of USDA, and Ted Bench of San Luis Obispo County Planning Department,

What: Select the order of families to be processed for application to build a new home as part of Peoples’ Self-Help Housing’s Montecito Verde development in Nipomo

Where: Peoples’ Self-Help Housing offices, 3533 Empleo St., San Luis Obispo

When: Wednesday, February 8th at 4:30pm sharp
Peoples' Self-Help Housing is an award winning non-profit organization with 35 years of experience developing affordable housing and providing community services for low-income and special needs households. With over 1000 homes completed and over 1200 rental units developed, Peoples' Self-Help Housing continues to strengthen its reputation and leadership position as the premiere affordable housing and community developer on the Central Coast. Peoples' Self-Help Housing is committed to developing vibrant neighborhoods, building attractive, high quality housing and providing innovative community services, so their residents have every possible opportunity to succeed in life. Visit our website at www.pshhc.org for more information.