February 2003

Chris Davis

Santa Barbara Public Library Grant Brings Interactive and Creative Learning to Carpinteria Kids

--Media Opportunity--

Friday, February 28, 5:30 PM, Carpinteria Public Library, 5141 Linden Ave., participating children and their parents will give a demonstration of their interactive learning.

Hawaiian Simulation—Kids from ages 5-8 will have a luau while they earn points to reach the top of the volcano Mount Pele.-complete with erupting volcano!

South American Journey Simulation—Kids ages 9-13 will be involved in a simulated race from Texas to Argentina, traveling through Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

Santa Barbara, February 27, 2003—In an effort to improve English language literacy skills through a California-based initiative and to encourage people to use the public library, the Santa Barbara Public Library system has was awarded the ELLI (English Language Literacy Intensive) grant to assist Peoples' Self Help Housing kids who live at the Dahlia Court Apartments in Carpinteria.

In coordination with a broader Peoples' Self-Help Housing education program, the grant, worth over $10,000, provides staff, curriculum, and other resources to 35 kids at Dahlia Court Apartments for interactive weekly classes incorporating art, geography, storytelling, reading and writing while utilizing the Dahlia Court homework center and the Carpinteria Public Library as a learning center. The program also invites the parents of the children to attend in order to indirectly improve their English literacy skills, get them interested in the library, and increase their participation in their children's education.

"Peoples' Self-Help Housing, which provides affordable housing for low-moderate income families, is uniquely suited for the program as it has an active education component for adults and children," said Myra Nicholas, Library Services Manager for the Santa Barbara Public Library System. "The program itself works well as it presents education in a fun and creative environment. There is no pressure for kids as this is not a program they are forced to do. They learn while they are having fun."

"The ELLI grant really helps us fulfill some of our community education goals for tenants," explained Jeanette Duncan, Executive Director, Peoples' Self-Help Housing. "We have formalized the Education Enhancement program at the Dahlia Court Apartments which will soon expand to other sites. Parents are always encouraged to become more involved with their children's education through the programs offered through Peoples' Self-Help Housing."

Peoples' Self-Help Housing (PSHH) is an award winning non-profit organization with over 30 years of experience developing housing for low-income and special needs households on California's Central Coast (Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura Counties). PSHH also provides assistance in the design and implementation of community development programs for numerous cities, counties and community groups.

The Carpinteria Branch Library, which is a branch of the Santa Barbara Public Library System, provides materials in English and Spanish for the educational and recreational needs of the community. Materials include books, audiotapes, videotapes, online resources, internet access and a Spanish language computer as well as computers in the homework center for the students to have access to word-processing.