Dear Friends & Neighbors, 

Every year we welcome people into the PSHH family with keys to a new home. Many of those will have been waiting patiently on our housing list for years, living in crowded, substandard conditions sometime additionally burdened by area crime, poverty and ever-increasing rent.

Behind every one of these cherished residents is a story. Stories of service such as those who have honorably worn the uniform, and who we are now honored to serve; those with a lifetime of hard work for who we can now provide a place of dignified retirement, and stories of those whose lives, through illness, lack of opportunity or just the accident of zip code, have been spent in the economic margins.

To play a part in building safe, affordable neighborhoods which working families, seniors, veterans and those living with disabilities can call home is a joy and a privilege. Please join me and let’s all Build Together and serve more of our Santa Barbara neighbors.

Vito Gioiello | Board Vice Chair & Santa Barbara Resident

Data sourced from National Low Income Housing Coalition Report “Out of Reach”

It’s hard to do it alone.

In Santa Barbara County, fair market rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,615. At a minimum wage of $13 per hour, over 90 hours of work per week is needed to afford this.

A full time worker, earning minimum wage can only afford $728 in rent. Someone trying to live on Social Security can only afford $286.

Government guidelines recommend that rent should not exceed 30% of income. Most renters in Santa Barbara are spending at least 50% of their income on housing.

There is no place in the entire county where a full-time worker earning minimum wage can afford to rent a one-bedroom apartment. And many are just one financial challenge, such as a car repair or a medical bill, away from losing the roof over their head.

Make your generous gift today Santa Barbara, and let’s Build Together!

From apartments to townhomes, studios to single-family properties, we build affordable housing for working families, seniors, veterans, those living with disabilities, and the formerly homeless. In addition to our rental neighborhoods, we promote home ownership opportunities through the self-help housing model.

Your gift will build vibrant communities throughout Santa Barbara County!

The benefits of supportive housing are far-reaching and long-lasting. We ensure everyone is connected to a network of resources and programming designed to promote wellness, community engagement, and opportunities for career success. Every day families are growing stronger and our residents are thriving.

Your support will build independent and resilient lives for local residents!

Through our 11 learning centers and community outreach programs, PSHH offers after school support, college prep programming, and pathways for career advancement for our adult learners. Every day our classrooms are filled with students of all ages who have embraced a culture of learning!

Your investment will build bright and successful futures for students throughout the county!

Help us continue to provide safe, supportive housing for 3,578 of your neighbors in Santa Barbara County. Please make your generous gift today!