Breaking Ground

On any given day you can find our development teams kicking the dirt on raw land, our in-house realtors scouring for new opportunities, and our project managers checking their calculations and submitting funding proposals.

From scoping, feasibility and programming through all the phases of financing, permitting and construction, the length of time a project takes to make it through completion is dependent on many things. When sellers are willing, financing readily available and stakeholders in accord, the time from concept to lease-up can be measured in just a few short years. But when competition for resources – land, water, funding, labor – collide, those years can turn into decades.

The development of a project can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars before even one shovel has turned one clod of soil. As a nonprofit, albeit one with great capacity and skill, we steward those pre-development investments of time and expertise very carefully. Nearly fifty years of experience has taught us that to get a project completed takes more than just community need, of which there is an abundance. It takes leadership, vision, faith from our financial partners, and yes…a little bit of luck!