College Club

From UCs to Ivy Leagues our students are aiming high and hitting academic bullseyes! College Club provides the opportunity for all college-bound students to receive individualized attention, application assistance and financial aid guidance. Campus tours give students the broadest possible view of their academic options and one-on-one mentor ship ensures they not only have the right classes and great grades but that they go with generous scholarships and the emotional support they need to be successful every step of the way.

Adult Certification and Enrichment

Opportunities for our residents don’t stop with college. A love of learning at all ages has become an organic product of our youth and adult programming. As a result of witnessing their children/graduates, parents have themselves embraced educational programs and become role models for their friends and family outside of our neighborhoods. Many enjoy the financial freedom from evolving into business owners, others have had the confidence to complete vocational training courses and some the immeasurable pride in becoming US citizens.