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Home is where it all begins. Health, well-being, and career success all stem from having a safe and supportive place to thrive. Every day at PSHH we are building so much more than housing, but we can’t do it without you. Join us in building communities, resilience, and successful futures. Let’s all ‘Build Together’! 

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From apartments to townhomes, studios to single-family properties, we build affordable housing for working families, seniors, veterans, those living with disabilities, and the formerly homeless. In addition to our rental neighborhoods, we promote home ownership opportunities through the self-help housing model.

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Residents are connected to a network of resources and programming designed to promote wellness, community engagement, and opportunities for career success. Through our 11 learning centers and outreach programs, every day PSHH classrooms are filled with students of all ages who have embraced a culture of learning!

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With hundreds of units of beautiful, new housing for San Luis Obispo County in our pipeline, we look forward to playing a part in the solution to solve the chronic shortages. Each new house, brings life-changing possibilities to the individuals and families patiently waiting for a place to call home.

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