How Will You Share Kindness Today?

Since launching our “50 Acts of Kindness” initiative back in August of last year, in honor of our 50th
Anniversary, we have had the privilege of serving our community is so many heartwarming ways.  From
coat drives, to toy donations; from beach clean ups to reading to children, each opportunity has been a
way to extend positivity beyond the day to day mission of our organization.

Far from the COVID-19 pandemic squashing those efforts, it has in fact amplified the need for kindness in
our communities, across our nation and around the globe. As we continue to journal our journey to our
official anniversary on August 6, 2020, please know that these are only the highlights; all the web pages in
the world could not contain every act of kindness our staff have shown over these past few weeks. #50AOK

15. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Food Distribution | Santa Barbara | May 1, 2020

A PSHH staff member took some time to help out their local community members by volunteering with St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church to distribute food to those in need.

14. Supplies for New Homeowners | April 24, 2020

At the end of April and in the midst of the pandemic, 10 owner-builders finally finished building their homes after working on them for more than a year. While they were unable to celebrate with the usual key ceremony for this momentous occasion, PSHH staff put together house-warming baskets to welcome them into their new homes. In addition to a few food staples, these baskets contained a couple extra items to help keep families safe and healthy, including hand sanitizer and homemade masks from a few of our staff members, Ruth Callahan, Claudia Govea, and Gillian Cole-Andrews.

13. An Ear to Listen | Isla Vista | April 1, 2020

While many of us are experiencing challenges of isolation and loneliness, PSHH staff continue to care for our residents and check in on how they are doing. Recently, a resident who had lost their job and lived alone reached out to Jackie Wells, one of our Property Managers, as they were feeling hopeless and in need of a friend to talk to. Jackie, like many of our staff working directly with residents, was able to provide compassion and empathy to this individual in a time of unknown, as well as direct them to our Supportive Housing Program, which offers health and unemployment services to residents in need.

12. Masks for Staff, Family, and Friends | April 2020 – Present

In this era of social distancing and mask wearing, we have seen a need within our own organization to ensure our staff have the right equipment to care for one another and those close to them and to stay healthy while doing so. Shortly after our stay-at-home orders were put in place, a few PSHH employees, including HR director Nicole Ramos, Senior Portfolio Manager Jane Renahan, and Property Manager Maria Serna, stepped up to the plate and quickly began sewing masks to distribute to staff, family, and friends.

Apart from providing additional protection to keep those around us safe, these masks will continue to offer some peace of mind as we plan for the new normal once the “shelter in place” has been lifted.

11. A Friendly Voice | March 2020 – Present

Our social workers are tirelessly ensuring that our most vulnerable residents are able to meet their needs. They are providing weekly wellness phone calls to over 300 of our residents who have been identified as high-risk.

These wellness checks are ensuring that residents are aware of stay at home orders and have access to food, medication, and health care. Should any resident have difficulty meeting their needs, our social workers are connecting them with partner organizations for referrals and extra support.

During this stressful time, these calls also serve as a friendly voice of support and social connection to our residents!

10. Daily Meal Distribution | March 2020 – Present

To ensure our residents are well nourished and staying safe at home, PSHH Educators, Property Managers, Maintenance and Resident Services staff, have been working together in safe and social distant ways to collect and distribute over 700 meals daily to our most vulnerable residents. Meals have graciously been provided by local organizations such as the Food Bank and All Saints-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church.

9. Preparing Students for Distance Learning | March 2020

Our 15 educators immediately jumped into action upon ‘shelter in place’ orders to prepare our young residents with the materials needed to study from home. They provided students with work packets and supplied them with Chromebooks, access to reliable internet, and books so that every child can continue to participate in our education program.

8. Book Donation | Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo Counties | March 14, 2020

Amidst the rapid transition into working and studying from home, PSHH Director of Education, Alejandra Mahoney, attended the Grover Beach Community Library book sale. There, she was able to collect 8 boxes of books to distribute to children across Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo counties so that they have materials to read while staying at home.

7. Homeless Point In Time Count | Santa Barbara & Ventura | January 29, 2020

On January 29, team members from our Ventura & Santa Barbara offices volunteered in the Homeless Point-in-Time Count. The results of this important project informs future State and Federal funding in support of homeless services.

6. Community Warm Clothing Drive | January 2020

Santa Barbara County benefiting WillBridge
Ventura County benefiting Project Understanding
San Luis Obispo County benefiting 5Cities Homeless Coalition

5. Community Toy Drive | November-December 2019

Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties benefiting Toys for Tots, distributed by Unity Shoppe
San Luis Obispo County benefiting Toys for Tots, distributed by Salvation Army

Toys were distributed to children on the Central Coast just in time for Christmas!

4. 5Cities Homeless Coalition Food Donation | Grover Beach | November 27, 2019

PSHH Director of Neighborhood Development & Resident Services Rick Gulino and his family (pictured)
delivered a hot meal to the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition’s winter shelter the night before Thanksgiving to
help keep those in need full and warm during the rainy and cold weather.

3. Twitch Memorial Golf Tournament | Santa Maria | November 2, 2019

PSHH Compliance Specialist Chris Morrison (pictured with her 2 brothers and their teams) volunteered at the Twitch Memorial Golf Tournament – a fundraising event to support local student athletes through scholarships.

2. Community Food Drive | October 2019

San Luis Obispo County benefiting Friends of 40 Prado
Santa Barbara County benefiting Catholic Charities Santa Barbara
Ventura County benefiting Project Understanding

1. Creeks to Coast Cleanup | San Luis Obispo County | September 21, 2019

PSHH staff participated in the annual California Coast Cleanup Day, covering Morro Bay Dog Beach, Shell Beach, and Avila Beach. Collectively with other local volunteers, this cleanup saw over 16,000 lbs of trash and recycle removed from community parks and beaches in SLO county alone!